Sunday, December 8, 2013

Imperfection is beauty…

There is true magic in the variety of life.  If you look close enough, you will discover that every‘thing’ and every‘one’ is unique.  This uniqueness is what piques our imagination; catches our eye; opens our mind and expands our awareness. 

Life is full of wonder in all of its imperfections.  Even all of the imperfect moments in our lives are unique and beautiful.  To define ‘perfection’ is to limit the universe’s imagination.

I hope that 2014 brings you a renewed appreciation for ‘imperfect’ beauty
everywhere you find it.

 I hope you are filled with wonder when enveloped by a snowfall;
an abundance of unique snowflakes slowly floating towards the ground.
I hope you find yourself surrounded often by the love of your imperfect friends and family – that they make you laugh and smile and sometimes cry.

I hope that life surprises you with moments of absolute imperfection

...each and every day.

Play more

Worry less
                         Live your life with abandon
                                            Take risks for love and honor
                                                      – be brave!

 and…Always be true to yourself –
         for you are the unique person that I value and love
                                 exactly as you are.
                            Wishing you a Happy 2014


Marilyn Monroe — 'Imperfection is beauty, madness is genius and it's better to be absolutely ridiculous than absolutely boring.'

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

How to give thanks

Smile – a lot …at everyone and everything!  Applaud good deeds and great music... celebrate family and friends by spending time, not money…laugh at yourself more often…live fully and love deeply. 

Recognizing that there is something precious in all of life’s moments is a way of giving thanks for each and every one of them. 

Share what you can as often as you can.  Once in a while, share even if it is inconvenient.  A mere inconvenience can change someone else’s life. 

Take a chance.  Feel gratitude in the face of fear, anxiety and hardship.

Give of yourself…

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Running man
               Running to?
               Running from?
               Running steadfast          to get from point ‘a’             to point ‘b’
                              Because it needs to be done
                              Because someone must do it
                              Because it is the right thing to do
                              Sometimes … just because
                              Some days … who knows why?
Man running ….just a man and his body…in motion…resisting the wind

Jumping into the cool clear water
            Washing away the sweat…gliding through the water…purified…refreshed
            Breathing   focused 
                        A new goal
                        A new medium to traverse 
                        A new sensation
                        Pushing through      
Man swimming towards his horizon…just a man and his dreams…clearing the way
Spinning wheel       
            Technology enhanced motion…gears maximize distance…minimize effort
            Pushing down…pulling up…breathing symbiosis…man and machine
                        The final frontier
                        The final gauntlet
                        The final chapter
                        Finally the future
                        No longer man alone
Man arrives at his destination…realizing his dream lies dormant inside…waiting to be set free.


Wednesday, July 3, 2013

(for a friend, or many friends, or maybe just for me)

the heart has no eyes
     it sees only with unconditional compassion and acceptance
          it looks deeper than you can possibly hide
                             and finds you                                 

  -  the you that even ‘you’ try to hide from

and       all it can do is love

and the true gift is to remember

           that just as you see others with your heart,

                                and not your eyes

you must believe that they see you with theirs

                 and that you are loved  

    deeply                completely                    unconditionally

your life has meaning

             and that the only mirror worth looking into
                                is the heart

don't waste your lifetime having never learned this lesson

Saturday, May 4, 2013

< I wrote this in honor of a childhood friend who is celebrating her 5th year with a new heart >

Close enough

1825 – not the breaths
…the breaths are endlessly more
Not the tears …
happy, sad, and in-between
Not the moments…
the priceless moments…infinite moments

Close enough
but much more than that…

                                                 1825 – not a number
…a gift…wrapped in another’s heartache
Tied with a ribbon…loosely holding together a life too short
A life that escaped the earth too soon
...and with his last breath
He sought to breathe life into another
Because of the love he shared
And the strength of the loved ones he left behind

Close enough

I have counted to 1825
I have counted the sunrises and sunsets
I have counted my blessings
Shared in infinite moments
With family and friends
Because there once was a young man
Who was loved
Who’s love was brave and larger that his life 

My heart is his
And all of the moments I live
I share with him

 Happy 5th Birthday
To my donor
Thank you


like glass

I broke it
     It was new and fragile
      I thought I dropped it
     But upon reflection I did not drop it nor toss it aside, but threw it away
 Could it have been a new friendship? 
     A new collaboration? 
     A new opportunity?
What could have grown…blossomed…if nurtured?
               Nothing to do now but remember
                              Perhaps regret
                                             Definitely reflect
 When it landed
     It shattered
     Tiny fragments everywhere
     I doubt it can be repaired
It was new and fragile
                       And I…          I  broke it

Saturday, January 26, 2013

Bread .....

The day is cold… bitter cold.  The week has been long and full of stress, disappointment….less joy….my breath rises before me in a cold mist as I peer outside.  All week the needs of family, coworkers, friends permeated the air.  I forget the whispering of my dreams…

I make my way into the kitchen.  All is quiet because it is early… too early.  The canister of flour on the counter calls to me, beckoning my soul…even as the aroma of coffee awakens my senses.  It has been a long time … too long… since I have indulged my passion.

It is all before me…. The pieces to my dream…lying about the kitchen… out of sight…just enough so that I never quite pull it all together.  Today feels different.  Today feels like the right day ….so I reach out …and my hands find the flour…the milk…the butter and sugar…and the yeast.  As the thought of my adventure warms my heart, I warm up the milk….just enough….to entice the dormant yeast out of hiding…it is time …for me …for the yeast…to grow and to ‘become’…

A little sugar…enough to sweeten the dream and to feed the yeast as they awaken…as I awaken my dormant joy again.  The cold outside is long forgotten.  I have begun to create a place in my heart and in my kitchen for a dream to emerge…a sprinkle of flour over the warm liquids and I am ready to work …adding a bit more flour as I stir the mixture…it is easy at first…not really work at all… letting this dream out….

More flour…I ponder the week that has just passed.  Work is busy…each day is like the bowl before me….it is something easily stirred…a routine… I can close my eyes and the wooden spoon manages the flour, mixes it together almost effortlessly…most of my life is routine…mindless.

Add a little more flour….my stirring slows as I think about the problems of the week.  These things require a little more effort to think about; a little more effort to sort out….my stirring slows as the mixture thickens.  My thoughts slow…dreams recede and are replaced with reality.  Life can be difficult…distracting.

It is time for the final push, adding the remainder of the flour….my forearms tense stirring against this thickened dough…‘life’ dealt to me this past week … sometimes too much of the wrong kind and sometime too little of the right kind.  Life is a balance…it all needs to be incorporated…

I flour the counter…my mind back on the task at hand… taking dough from the bowl I sink my hands into it for moment …. silly feeling…now my fingers find their rhythm…and I gather it up ….kneading the dough, turning it over and over ..pushing and pulling it….working out the lumps and bumps…a gentle rhythm…letting the air escape… feels good to work the dough… it feels good to make life smooth…all the little things from the past week that seemed so difficult, uncomfortable and messy are now in their proper perspective ….they are all part of my life….and I am capable of working them out…working them in…seeing them for what they are…necessary parts of the life I am creating…with my own two hands …

I knead ….calm returns…dreams return….I ‘need’ the calm…I ‘need’ my dreams…while the dough rises and the kitchen is filled with the smell of fresh bread dough, my mental checklist begins.  Why, why-not? What is real?  What is really necessary? Why-not? Always coming back to my dreams…

Given time and warmth the bread rises; even after the mid-way punch-down, it will rise again!  Dreams that sift in and out of our lives, given patience, time, and the right environment can grow and become real.  The bread is now ready to bake.  Making permanent the shape, the flavor, the texture …the smell permeates the house….inhale…smile…anticipation…a dream realized…large or small…a few simple ingredients, nothing complex ….some work and attention… patience… perseverance… and success! Perhaps success that only I alone can savor…and the joy of a dream realized fills my soul.  I smile...
I hope you always find dreams to bring to life …over and over in life…I hope you make the time to bring them to life…scrounge around for them in your heart and in your soul …gather up who, and what, you need…and then …gently knead…