Saturday, May 4, 2013

< I wrote this in honor of a childhood friend who is celebrating her 5th year with a new heart >

Close enough

1825 – not the breaths
…the breaths are endlessly more
Not the tears …
happy, sad, and in-between
Not the moments…
the priceless moments…infinite moments

Close enough
but much more than that…

                                                 1825 – not a number
…a gift…wrapped in another’s heartache
Tied with a ribbon…loosely holding together a life too short
A life that escaped the earth too soon
...and with his last breath
He sought to breathe life into another
Because of the love he shared
And the strength of the loved ones he left behind

Close enough

I have counted to 1825
I have counted the sunrises and sunsets
I have counted my blessings
Shared in infinite moments
With family and friends
Because there once was a young man
Who was loved
Who’s love was brave and larger that his life 

My heart is his
And all of the moments I live
I share with him

 Happy 5th Birthday
To my donor
Thank you


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