Sunday, May 30, 2010

Gentle Reminder

Gentle Reminder

There are some human beings whose lives intersect our lives – whose very presence humbles us. Someone who every moment of the day cares so very deeply for friends and family and strangers. A person whose love stretches out across the distance, whether we measure in miles or in milliseconds. They never forget to say ‘hello’; they never forget something publically important, or privately held dear. They offer a shoulder to cry on, an arm for support, a life to share, and the deepest sincerity in all they do. They are the unsung hero; if we were to gather up all of the largest and tiniest things they have done for others during their lifetime - it would fill the universe!

There are some human beings who bring us to tears with their generosity of spirit. They tear at our hearts begging us silently to be a kinder person, a more caring human being, a person striving to live a deeper life. Gently we are reminded by the little kindnesses they show to everyone, that everything we do truly does matter. They come and go in our lives, sometimes unrecognized, but always leaving behind breadcrumbs for us to follow. Casting the seeds in our souls, asking us to see the opportunities around us for sharing …sharing a smile, sharing our hearts and sharing our tears… but most of all unconditionally sharing our hearts.

Today I was graced by the presence of one so humbly gifted. Today I am a better person for witnessing this man in action…he makes me want to be all that comes so natural to him. Thousands of miles away he lives his life. The ripples reach the farthest shore.

dedicated to GRTONE
an Alaskan whose heart melts the cold
and beckons the sun to shine!

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