Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Soul Mates ( 3/30/2007 )

Soul Mates

If we are aware – at least once in our lives we are blessed with the recognition of someone who resonates with our very soul; someone who is exactly in sync with the very essence of who we are at that particular moment in time.

If we are lucky -- we get to spend countless moments in the presence of another person with whom words are not necessary; where thoughts and feelings meld; where lives are simultaneously shared and experienced; where experiences are written on two souls at one time.

If we are present – we can savor the joy of being heard without speaking a word; we can dance to silent melodies; and we can live unafraid of judgment because it does not, it cannot, exist here.

If we are patient – we can chain together these moments; linking one to another in ways that can never be severed by time, or distance, or lifetimes.

If we are brave – we can always call upon each other at a moments notice because we know the call will always be answered; we know that the essence of one lives in the soul of the other; and that we are never separated even though our bodies may be.

If we are wise – we will recognize that all we have to do is to look within ourselves to see our reflection; and in seeing that reflection, we see each other, we see the world, we see God.

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