Saturday, August 14, 2010

"B" "o" "P"

"B" "o" "P" 'bind on pickup' ....a concept applicable to many aspects of life. A BoP item: once you touch it, (aka. pick-it-up), it is yours FOREVER. You cannot put it down, give it away, get rid of it is YOURS ! The only possible ending for a BoP item is complete oblivion, final destruction... yours or it's.

Today we discuss:

BoP and children

Now let's think about some basic BoP items we see in everyday life. Children - your own biological children can be described as BoP. Once they have been created you are in for a lifetime of BoP pride and joy. From the moment of birth these tiny little creatures, smaller than a Gnome, are helpless. They will lay around Ironforge YELLING - mostly for gold, but occasionally for some refreshment. Old Spice is handy, because unless you get them up and moving, or provide them with clothing upgrades, these bad boys start to smell!

Once they are mobile, my advice is to put them on "follow" immediately. The best way to level up their maturity is to expose them to the REAL world. Take them via the Tram for an outing to Stormwind. When you arrive in SW, walk them all around to show them the sites, shops and trainers there. Tiring them out will also give you a chance to head to the Blue Recluse for a bit of adult refreshment.

After nap time, yours or theirs, head to the bank because I guarantee today will be an expensive outing. After filling your pockets with gold, try standing by the mail box a few moments. Eventually your child will receive invitations for play groups...these are referred to as 'join my guild' invitations. As any parent would do, you want to make sure your child is in the BEST possible play group. Hold out for the best offer - perhaps as much as 10G. Getting your child properly placed in these important social structures as young as possible has it's inherent advantages. Collect the cash and immediately obtain the play group t-shirt to proudly let everyone know that your child has been accepted into a most exclusive club.

If you are upper-middle class, you yourself have a multi passenger vehicle. Securely place your child in the seat, and head out through the SW gates with your progeny in tow into the nearby country side. First stop is the cat lady. Every child wants a pet, and surely one of these rabid kittens will make a nice addition to your little family. Of course, if you want your child to be an achiever, I suggest that accumulation of all possible pets and forms of transportation should start early on. So yes, I do recommend buying every single cat while you are there.

( this article is still under construction .... stay tuned .... )

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