Wednesday, February 16, 2011

treedancer ...

I gaze up towards the moonlight
Filtered through the leaves above
My spirit rises to the surface
My heart and soul are filled with love

I stretch upon my toes
And reach up into the sky
Choosing just the right star
And beckoning it nigh

I hang the star from branches
Now it twinkles from the tree
With grounding roots beneath
My spirit's now set free

My soul is singing sweetly
As my body heeds the tune
No words, just sparkling melodies
As I dance beneath the moon

The tree begins to join me
As it does a gentle sway
In freedom I find oneness
And all else is washed away

I am dancing in the moonlight
I am swaying with the trees
I am singing with the universe
No one is watching me

My spirit wanders skyward
As my joy engulfs this space
My feet are rooted firmly
As the tree, I now embrace

My silent song is ending
When the sun begins ascent
Melodies, now memories
My energy is spent

I rest in shade so generously
Bestowed above my head
My body curls amongst the moss
This forest - now my bed

And when again I waken
And go about my day
I long again for
Where I am free to play

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