Monday, April 25, 2011

Clutter.... in G#

Minimize clutter - mind, body, of the reminders on my 'bucket list'. In an effort to de-clutter my environment, I have been trying to clear out the accumulations of a partial-lifetime. Silly things, paper things, old things ... things that do not fit my body, my life, my goals any longer.

I came across a guitar, unused, in a closet. This is not the first unused guitar I have ever owned. This is one in a long line of unused guitars I have owned...somewhere in my silly head I keep thinking that miraculously I will wake up one day and with discipline I have yet to discover, start practicing and playing this instrument.

Today was, once again, NOT that day.

There are things we yearn to do in life that we should never discard; dreams that we still need to pursue...and then there is the neverending presence of an unused guitar in my closet. Not a talent I have ever had; not a gift lurking in my soul waiting for the right moment to jump out and promote me into the realm of Segovia....or Lui Collins...or Lady Gaga. Right up there with my desire to dance and sing, that guitar sits just out of sight; day in and day out.

I am not quite sure what this guitar, and my inability to post it on Craig's list so it can follow in the path of previous unused guitars, really means. Perhaps it is that there are so many beautiful gifts and skills in life that we cannot each experience ...perhaps it is a reminder to find the things we can do and to keep doing them? Somewhere in the world there is a person sitting looking at a pile of old Tee-shirts and wishing they could make a really nifty necklace out of them. I should ditch the guitar and stock up on sissors and save those people...because I do know how to do that! Perhaps I can write a story, an essay, a get someone through their day, and they in turn will play me a song...and I will listen to the sweet music and my day will be better.

I need to pass this guitar along, and not replace it once again 3 months down the road. I need to seek out the music the world already offers; perhaps dance in the moonlight, and when the windows of my car are rolled up tightly, sing at the top of my lungs ... and call it a 'really good day'.

The guitar is not my muse...but the music it makes belongs to all of us...a musician will find the notes, and a singer will find the words, and the world will hear the song.

And last, but not least, I will find my way.

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