Sunday, December 9, 2012

365 sunrises have passed….

How many of those did you greet with wonder and anticipation of the brand new day before you; each new day a blank slate just waiting for you to etch you hopes and dreams upon it and create warm memories? 

 365 sunsets have passed….

          How many of those found peace in your heart as you reflected upon the day just ending?  How many found you whispering ‘sweet dreams’ into a child’s ear?  How many found you telling those you love how much they mean to you?

365 days are gifted to us each year….
      Opportunities to smile;
                        reach out and make someone’s day                
      Opportunities to listen;
                        to be present in the lives of others

Open each day, each gift, with wonder and awe; with joy and thankfulness; with love…treasure it…nurture it…wrap it and share with others!

Endless?… … not endless…. but ‘numbered’ days remain

          To be kind to one another

                       To say ‘ I love you ‘

                                    To act, to speak, to share, to love ….
Numbered days …

each sunrise precious, each sunset memorable, the life we live and each life we touch immeasurably valued.


Make the most of your New Year!

Happy 2013…day by day

    my love to you all ….. Louise    

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