Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Define addiction ...

When my "to-do" list for the game is 3 times as long as my "to-do" list in real-life ....should I be thinking "addict" ???

Learn to cook...learn to fish...learn to use a dagger...make arcanite bars and sell them at the Auction House...do my banking...farm herbs ...make potions ... get my skill levels up...download add-ons that will help me...gather quests in a single area to maximize my efficiency at completing them...level...train...complete more quests...level...assign talent points ...(did I mention level yet ???)

First thing in the morning I check in with coworkers on how their game is going and ask any questions I have from my prior night's playing. We share stories and pointers (mostly I RECEIVE the pointers !) By mid-afternoon, I am thinking about what I will work on that evening. Weekends are planned to allow adequate sleep around at least 1 (sometimes 2) long days and nights of play. Granted, it is winter and I always hibernate a bit more in the winter so this is not actually cutting into any thing REAL I could be doing ...and it has totally replaced my TV watching for the past 3 months ...but IS this addictive or is it just so engaging and fun that it has become is a daily activity I love???

Some people exercise every day - they enjoy the benefits, or the process itself, of exercising. Their body and mind respond to the practice of exercise - perhaps they have friends they work-out with, perhaps they look forward to the comaraderie (or solitude) they have built around that activity. Exercise can be addictive - but for the most part it is satisfying and healthy and often social.

The Guild (group) I belong to in the game is made up of people from all ages and walks of life. At almost anytime round-the-clock - someone is online and playing. We live in all different parts of the USA and of the world. If I want to chat with, or quest with, people that I have come to consider my friends (and like-family) online I can do so. I can also just play the game in peace and quiet and solitude. I get satisfaction out of accomplishing goals, learning new things and making progress in the game. I enjoy the mental activity (they say you need to keep those brain cells firing as you age!) and the challenges of mastering strategy to be successful...and I love my fellow guildees and other friends I have made in the game!

I think that this game, like exercise or other things we do for enjoyment, is basically a good thing. Those who choose WOW over running a mile, swimming laps, quilting ...etc. are just expressing "them"selves to their fullest. Games are fun and stimulating ...interaction with others is healthy (yes, even ingame interaction IS interaction) and loving what you're doing is the best feeling of all.

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