Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Every Day

Every Day ….

Every day without you …
A lifetime of memories
Flood my soul
And fill my heart.

Every day without you …
I am reminded of your kindnesses
Showered like the sweet rain of Spring
Upon me and all of those who
Knew and loved you.

Every day without you …
I am reminded of the “completeness”
You brought to my life;
The serenity that surrounded us;
The love that bound us;
The comfort so easily shared between us.

Every day without you …
I feel your presence beside me;
In my heart;
Lifting my soul

Ah .. my love, I see now that there are no days
“without” you… for you are still here with me - till the end of time. Together the endless love we share continues to exist in my my mind ...and in my soul.

Dedicated to :
Juile & George Fincke
April 2008

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