Sunday, February 11, 2007

Aunt Flo

Aunt Flo;

Hi. I know you are sleeping…I hope you are at peace.

I remember when you told me that you were looking forward to seeing your Mom & Dad some day ..I know they will be waiting to see you, too, with open arms, and lots of Hugs and Kisses. I can imagine how proud they are of you.

You have been the matriarch of the Alberti family for many decades, being kind and generous to all your siblings and their families. Grandpa Alberti died when I was only 1 and Grandma Alberti before I was in school. You have always been my ‘grandma Alberti’. You took us to the Ice Capades – alternating turns with our cousins. You took us to Christmas parties …You brought us back surprises from Hawaii, and other trips you went on. I still have the lava necklace you brought back after a trip to Hawaii. (I think we got grass skirts too !)

In our family, Di is often referred to as the ‘fun-aunt’. I think you are the ‘fun-aunt’ from the Alberti clan. Your sisters and brothers were wonderful aunts and uncles in their own right. You had a life that was just different enough from us as kids to be exotic and exciting. You are a wonderful person, you have looked out for all of us in similar-but-different ways.

Your Mom and Dad will tell you how much they love you when they see you. You will get to be with all of your family and friends who are waiting to see you again. You will definitely be “in-the-know”; I think of heaven as a place where we finally understand all the things we did not understand about this life and about other people when we were alive. We finally get to see why we truly should love one another unconditionally. We can see the frailty of being human and we can see ourselves in every living thing. I think we will forgive ourselves, and others, for being “human”… that IS why we are here, after all …to be human. I think heaven is all about love…

I think in the end, life is all about love. Death is just a word …love is eternal.

May you see your loved ones again soon and may your journey be sweet.


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