Monday, December 25, 2006

Christmas 2006

Mothers are often hard at work, 24/7, not always in the foreground of what is going on. You hold things together; make sure everything gets done – properly and on time. You can take a dollar and make it do amazing things for a large family. You manage budgets, schedules, car-pools, shopping, cooking, cleaning and everything else with a silent commitment, and total dedication, to your family.

You know each of your children better than they often know themselves. You love them because you can see that they have pure hearts even if their actions falter in life. You forgive; you forget; you carry on. You hold the hopes and fears of your own childhood close as you reassure each of us in our times of uncertainty.

You are what we all aspire to be; a loving, kind person; one who took life and made it better every step of the way. I admire your strength; your open heart; your creativity; your love. I am grateful for everything you gave to me and taught me. I am generous only because I watched your generosity and selflessness growing up. I aspire to love and honor all people because I saw that you were a fair and kind woman. I see strength and patience in you that I still have not mastered.

Merry Christmas – 2006 – Mom
May life surround you with blessings always --- Love, Lou

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