Monday, December 25, 2006

Bowls ...( Christmas 2006 )

Bowls – fashioned from wood – each unique – wood from different parts of the world – all brought together by the hands of a craftsman.

Bowls – made from pieces of wood carefully glued together – allowed to dry and set – each step of the process taking time and patience.

Bowls – layers stacked upon layers – carefully cut – turned – shaped – sanded – each lovingly created for a friend, a child, a relative.

Bowls – not empty when complete – but full of the love and time and attention of the craftsman who dreamed them in his imagination, fashioned them with his hands and tools, and gives them with the love in his heart.

Bowls – pieces of wood – a story being told – a life being lived – a heart speaking softly.

Merry Christmas Dad ….2006
Love, Lou

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