Thursday, December 25, 2008

Christmas 2008


Greetings – here we stand at the end of a year when it is much easier to lament our losses than to count our blessings. In the midst of any turmoil – personal, fiscal, emotional, etc. – it is necessary to do just that – to count our blessings!

Material goods come and go. What is ‘hot’ today is ‘not’ tomorrow …what is touted as the latest technology today is obsolete even before it is marketed to us. If you own 1 set of clothing that protects you from the elements
– you have ‘enough’.

I have enough.

If you have something to eat each day; a source of physical sustenance
– you have ‘enough’.

I have enough.

It does not matter the size, type or location of the place you call ‘home’. If you have a safe place to sleep out of the elements
– you have ‘enough’.

I have enough.

IF … you have an extra blanket, an extra shirt, a spare dollar - and you share it with another, you are abundant.
IF … you have a little extra food and people to share it with, you are abundant.
IF … you have a home that welcomes others , a place where love abounds and where memories are made, you are abundant.

I am abundant !
…… are you ??

IF … you have friends, family, and loved ones to share your life with,
you are truly blessed.

I am truly blessed – thank you for being exactly who you are
and for being a part of my life!

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