Tuesday, March 10, 2009

You are a light

…not the “glaring-in-your-face-where-you-can’t–see-anything” light…but the soft light of dawn.
Your light shines carefully, and gently, into the shadows of souls
Illuminating the darkness so that the uncertainty and the fear begin to dissipate
Now we can see our shadow emerge from total blackness that often surrounds us.
We dance and the shadow dances with us.
We move and the shadow mirrors our actions.
We begin to see that the shadow is but a puppet in our hands …
No longer a stranger – but a curiosity… something to ponder;
Perhaps to befriend, accept, or to change as the dance progresses?
The closer to the light we get – the larger our shadow becomes .. formidable in it’s stance ..
As if it is trying to intimidate us; return us to the darkness from which we have just emerged ..
We turn … and bid it farewell …
Knowing that it will always be a part of us;
Taking comfort that we have seen it without the darkness
Thankful for the gift of light you bring.

3/10/2009 dedicated to SNG Happy Birthday

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