Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Where do we go?

Where do we go…
when we die…
when our bodies no longer inhabit this world?
Where do we go?

Do we view a highlight reel of our lives in the waiting room between life and death? Do we cringe at the moments we wish to redo?
Do we clap when we view a kindness we shared?
Or do we wait for a moment, or an eternity, in silence?
Do we look down and count the people lost
in their tears and their memories of us?
Do we count the number of friends and relatives
who come to grieve?
Do we look back at all,
or look ahead towards the light and wonder?

Do we find ourselves surrounded by darkness?
Do we cease to exist in every way the moment we die?
When it is over, is it really over??

The mystery of death…we do not know until we experience it,
and in experiencing it we can no longer share our story.
The living find comfort in the beliefs they share.
We are in a better place…
we are no longer in pain…
we want for nothing…
our ‘spirit’ lives on.
Perhaps we are recycled and born again…
perhaps we observe the living from afar?
Perhaps … perhaps not.

Nothing makes it more apparent that we should treasure every day
than when it is one second too late.
We have heard it said a multitude of ways
- ‘we shall never pass this way again’ –
a moment cannot be relived.
Do not fear death; fear not living.
Live fully each day and love unconditionally,
like there is nothing you would rather be doing.
There really isn’t…

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