Saturday, September 25, 2010

Molly - on turning 16...

if i was magical, molly, i would make life a most wondrous journey for you to experience. there would be no hard decisions; no limits to your imagination; no heartbreaks; no loss.

if i was magical, molly, i would off you a palette of endless possibilities; each being more beautiful and fulfilling than the next; each helping you grow safely; each bringing you endless joy; each feeding your mind, body and soul.

if i was magical, molly, i would show you how to only see the beauty in life; the inner child in every human; the endless bounty of unconditional love everywhere you look.

if i was magical, molly, i would give you the sun and the stars; the earth and the moon; the universe and all of its mysteries.
(ok, AND a convertible !)

magic does not lie within any power that you or i can can acquire ...molly...the magic lies within each of us - you and me and everyone.
the magic has always been there and will always be there.

as you turn 16 my wish for you is that you never forget that you have the magic within you to see life as possibilities. embrace the frailty, humanity, and failures of every person as they struggle in their lives and continue to love them anyway. see each change in your life as a new possibility instead of a roadblock.
love yourself at all times.

happy 16th ! i love you ....

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