Saturday, October 16, 2010

To Mom - Happy 75th Birthday !

One of the songs I most remember from childhood rides in the car with you is “You Are My Sunshine”. I remember your voice, your smile….I remember singing along…I remember the happiness of those moments, and of so many more.

Mom, you are MY sunshine! This day, and all the others before it, or yet to come, I am so grateful that you are my mother. Every memory I have radiates your love and kindness. You are the one who made growing up educational and fun. Your ability to look the other way (once in a while) allowed me to explore the fine line between growing up and being grown-up. You taught me to cook, and to share what I have with others. You taught me arts & crafts, and allowed me to see the beauty in all things – those familiar and those unfamiliar. By example, you taught me to care about others. Your own selflessness taught me the value of making others feel like they were worth the world.

I do not know if your life felt fulfilled by being our mom; by staying at home and taking care of all of us and managing the day-to-day routines necessary to make our house a home. I hope that when you look back, it feels like it was all worth it.

You managed budgets, allowances, and emergencies with the skill of a Chief Financial Officer. You organized chores and handed out responsibilities with the aptitude of a Ship’s Captain. You nursed us when we were ill and bandaged our wounds with the insight of a Doctor. You kept schedules and provided transportation with the finesse of a Dispatcher.

You provided love and wisdom,
kindness and kisses,
advice and hugs
as only a mother can….

for all of these things and for millions more, I love you Mom!

You are my sunshine.

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