Sunday, December 12, 2010

happiness is sometimes very quiet

…it sneaks up on you
…it is the whisper of a new day in the early dawn; before you have opened your eyes; before you have judged the day, or the weather, to be good..bad..indifferent.

…it seeps in from your toes
…standing barefoot on the wet, dewy grass; under the billowing clouds; greeted by a bird singing in the distance. It is the warmth of the sand, beseeching you to spread your toes and wiggle them; burrow them deeply; let the water wash them clean.

…it is in your eyes
…as you watch a baby laying asleep at night; as you tenderly kiss your child before school; as you watch your teen drive off to college for the first time. It mixes well with pride and kindness.

…it is pure joy
…felt only in your heart, perhaps over the most minute thing; something inexplicable; a feeling coming from nowhere and everywhere at the same time. It is expressed in a smile, in a tear, in a quickened heartbeat.

…it is a secret
…these feelings that invade our soul…feelings to be saved, savored, protected, and perhaps in the safest of environments, to be shared. It is contentment and peace realized in a single moment.

…happiness is sometimes very quiet
…yet happiness echoes loudly in our very being…resonating within…rippling throughout the universe in very quiet, very meaningful ways.

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