Monday, January 17, 2011

Buckets of Gratitude

Several times a year I think about writing up a Bucket List. As a perennial list writer, I would probably have several versions … the ‘Doable-list’; the ‘far-fetched Wish-list’; the ‘Dreams-list’; the ‘what-can-I-do for humanity-list’; etc.

I currently make lists for many things – I have been a list writer for years. I make lists for grocery shopping; I make lists of all the things that need doing this week/month/year. Some days when the list is overwhelming, I add things that I have already done to the list so I can immediately cross them off and not feel like a total failure for lack of time, resources, energy to accomplish anything else remaining on the list!

I certainly could benefit from a Bucket List – a wish-list of all the things yet to be experienced in life. I believe in motivational reminders … eventually they get through to ones subconscious and gently tap you on the shoulder so that you move towards a goal.

For me though, I think I would like to first dig a deep, deep well. Into this well I would place all of the millions of things in life I am grateful for. On days when my Bucket is empty, I can lower it down into the well and pull up random people, experiences and blessings I have encountered in my life. I can laugh, love, savor and relearn from all that has passed. When I peer into the Bucket’s contents I will be comforted; I can laugh and smile at the joys shared; and always be reminded that life has truly been good.

On days when I fill up my Bucket, I can gently place these new blessings down in to the well. There they will sit until needed – those times when I need to dig deep within myself for inspiration; when I need to salve a wound; when I need to surround myself with warmth; when I need to relearn that love exists in the world.

I will dig my deep Well. Over it I will hang my bucket that will be used for both deposits and withdrawals. My list making will go on, with perhaps one little change ….I think my list should contain stars that I call down from the skies. On these stars I will write kindnesses that I will try to fulfill each day for others. Some stars will be for simple moments of pure joy that I experience. Some stars will be for unexpected adventures that I am presented with. All of these stars will be placed in the Well, filling it with light. Like fireflies on a summer’s eve, the light will twinkle with a knowing wink that there are a lifetime of wonders within and always room for more.

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