Monday, March 14, 2011

Music ...

Music ….

The sound of the rain
The chirp of a bird
Voices in a crowd
The unspoken word

Music is an amazing thing …it elicits feelings of every variety…inspires…soothes…energizes. The ‘soundtrack’ of a movie can get your body and mind ready, in anticipation of the next event before you even see the scene unfold.

I think there is an underlying ‘soundtrack’ to our lives. I believe we each write the song of our existence just as we write the storyline. Each day, each moment, by choices planned or unplanned, we write on our hearts the very meaning of our lives.

I love player pianos! I love that a piece of paper full of holes can create the most beautiful sounds. A life full of holes is not necessarily lacking – it is what lies in those empty spaces that make the true music; what tells the whole story. The white space is necessary – the pauses, the constant and the quiet – the mundane and the repetitive. It is the holes that build out the depth and the height of the music; it is the holes that define us at our best and our worst; it is the holes that let the light in and open us up to the world; it is the holes that let the music play.

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