Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Paper Cranes ...

Paper cranes ….washed ashore
Crumpled, wet … they fly no more

Gather friends and family close; bury those who’ve died; lay them back into the earth becoming the foundation of the new world you must create. Their lives; their hopes and dreams; their future integrates with yours.

In the agonizing song Mother Earth sang as the ground shook and the waves crashed; listen carefully for the song of life. Deep within the pain, there lies the need for rebirth.

Paper cranes ….washed ashore
Crumpled, wet … they fly no more
Carefully dried…in sunlight bright
Paper cranes survive the night

No day will ever be the same. No sunrise will ever miss your gaze. No sunset will ever pass unnoticed. Forever changed; the choice now yours…will you move forward or shutter the doors? Heartbeats pause in the race for life…

Make bricks from the earth and the water – the force their destruction brought now becomes strength forming a new future – not just recreating the past.

Paper cranes ….washed ashore
Crumpled, wet … they fly no more
Gentle hands … begin to fold
Creating stories yet to be told.

Cry for the souls of your people…listen as the cries evolve into a rallying cry… calling all to keep moving ‘through’ the pain… do not linger there lest you get lost … follow the cries to gather; to rebuild; to begin the process of healing; to struggle on until life is yours once again.

Close your eyes to the horror…it is already indelibly written in your mind and on your heart. Now is the time to take a step…a blind step towards a future you do not believe in..not yet. Close your eyes…open your heart. There is love everywhere. Let it touch you. Let it move you when your feet refuse another step. Keep moving… keep building…keep loving… keep believing.

Paper cranes ….washed ashore
Crumpled and wet … they flew no more
Until refolded with utmost love
The cranes took wing in the sky above
Looking down as they took wing
They believe again; they live; they sing.

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Beautiful writings Louise!