Saturday, May 28, 2011

have you ever shared a word with someone who does not speak the same as you?
did they know that the word you spoke was both resonant and true?

have you ever shared a story that was sent from heart to heart,
even when the two of you were so very far apart?

have you ever shared a whisper, so soft that none could hear,
and listened quite intently for a reply from someone dear?

have you ever sent a kiss so light and sweet upon the winds,
and hoped it landed gently upon all your long, lost friends?

have you ever sent a heartfelt wish across the open skies,
and seen the glimmer of hope appear in a faraway set of eyes?

have you ever sent your heart soaring up beyond the sky above,
and waited for the moment that it rained back down the purest love?

have you ever emptied out your soul and felt life just drain away,
only to realize you had just made room for more good to come your way?

have you ever ...stopped... just for a bit... to savor all you see?
have you ever forgot to start again being who you were meant to be?