Saturday, May 7, 2011

Mother’s Day 2011

Spring is when life renews…and we are reminded of the person who brought us life; the person who nurtured us and then gave us our wings.

Whoever you call ‘mother’; whoever you looked to when you were young for care, guidance and love; whoever inspires you to be a kinder human being; today we honor that person in our lives.

Remember that the love experienced throughout our lives continues to grow inside of us, waiting to be shared again and again across the generations. All the kindness, smiles, and hugs that we received have taught us the value of sharing simple joys with others.

All of the love we have experienced is ours now to give away – it is free and endless! On this day, and throughout the year, take a moment to reflect on the person who nurtured you; recall the life lessons they taught you; make them yours.

… and never stop sharing the love

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