Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Thanks Giving (2011)

Thank you for getting up each day;
for doing the work you do;
for being the person you are.

Thank you for sharing your thoughts;
sharing your home;
sharing your sustenance;
sharing your life
with those you love…with those you care about.

Thank you for fighting the battles you fight each day;
for keeping the peace;
for navigating the dilemmas that face you often.

Thank you for being there to lend a hand;
to listen to a story;
to notice the good in each person
and to see the injustices in the world.

Thank you for your inner beauty;
your inner strength;
and your outer effort
to take life step-by-step,

Thank you for being gentle with yourself;
for your tears of sorrow and of joy;
for your resolve to never give up;
and for your unconditional love
towards everyone.

Thank you …
the gift of your life
is a true blessing

2011 (la)

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