Monday, November 7, 2011

simple .....?

MY get a small gas can, some sta-bil, 2.5 gallons of gas to a friends house and winterize a car gas tank.

Step 1: go to Auto Parts store and get the ingredients. the gas can was no problem; bright red it caught my eye immediately - and i selected the smallest, cheapest one for this one-time chore. looking all over, i was unable to find the dry gas/sta-bil. after finally asking for 'directions', i had my 2nd ingredient and cashed out.

Step 2. put gas in the can. how much easier can this be? after (with some degree of difficulty) removing the plastic-childproof-locking-mechanism-engulfed-gas-cap, i removed the inverted nozzle and small round tab; filled the can and ......dilemma!!! i did not want to insert the nozzle inverted into the gas (thinking i would get 'gassy' when trying to pour the gas into the car shortly) i recalled the small round tab that i also removed ..... hmmmmm... this must be the temporary cover ! i placed it over the hole, and began screwing the plastic-childproof-locking-mechanism-engulfed-gas-cap back onto the can. slight problem ... the round tab was loose and sliding around, AND i had mis-threaded the plastic-childproof-locking-mechanism-engulfed-gas-cap while screwing it back on. not to be deterred, i thought 'perhaps the looseness is really the need for 'breathing' room for the gas. into my trunk went the can, the nozzle and my fervent hopes that the 10-mile drive would be uneventful.

before we get to step 3, i would like to point out that the fumes from the gas can permeated the car before i even left the gas station. windows were opened, and had it been a warm enough day, my convertible top would have sprung open. (sad to say those roofs have a temperature sensor that has annoyed me on more that one occasion of need!)

10 miles later and with a budding fume-headache i arrive at my destination.

Step 3. i have inhaled enough fumes to have already forgotten that i could not unscrew the gas cap at the gas station ... now i am enjoying my 'Groundhog Day' moment as i try to unscrew the top to apply the nozzle and pour the gas into the car. After 30 unsuccessful moments i am ready to cry. in the garage, unseen, i am plotting my redemption. one neighbor fixes cars - surely he can see my predicament ....well....most likely not as i am surrounded by garage walls and in this case... not going to give up and ask for help. i set the nozzle and sta-bil on the shelf, the can on the floor, and head out.

time for plan B.

i decide to bring a kitchen knife and saw off the plastic-childproof-locking-mechanism that engulfs the cap!!! Halloween at noon (by now i have worried all weekend that some random smoking trick-or-treater will serendipitously throw their butt in the direction of what i can only imagine is the fume filled garage in anger over the lack of treats at that house) i drive over with 2 small screwdrivers for leverage and a sharp kitchen knife.

the plastic-childproof-locking-mechanism-engulfed-gas-cap is STRONG! it takes me a good 15 minutes to saw off the plastic-childproof-locking-mechanism. success!!! i measure the correct amount of sta-bil, pour it into the gas can, attach the nozzle and screw on the top. i am almost there .....

alas...there is another child-proof-green 'lock' on the freakin' nozzle. i actually pause to try to read (and understand) the instructions. now i wear glasses and am getting old to boot! i practically need a different pair of glasses for ever few inches of distance. and i am pretty angry about another 'lock' my internal vision has become clouded. i try, and try and try...but cannot get the gas to come out ......

time for plan B+

i head back to work, say lots of prayers that the neighborhood has instituted a pretty strong no-smoking initiative ......and decide i need a funnel with a long spout to finally accomplish this task.

a week later i have now purchased the funnel and will be heading over to complete this tiny, simple task .......


the smell of gas still premeates my car because it did spill in the trunk - but i remain hopeful that by Spring, it will have worn itself out.

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