Friday, February 24, 2012

and the water washed it all away ....

put money in
spin the wheel
the guilt pays out over and over
piling up a debt that can never be repaid
...but it 'feels' like a win

the coins tumble in
the wheels spin
and you continue to 'win'
covered in imagined sin

covered in guilt
covered in lies told to yourself
because you know no better
because you cannot see through the grime
to see your life is no crime
and you still have more time


into the

water ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

sink to the bottom
and spring back to the surface
float naked as the water glistens in the sunlight

now you stand and look in the mirror
to see that the water has washed it all away
and the truth is looking back
you are who you see
your eyes can see

....the darkness covering each lens has been washed away

you see the spirit within
no flesh
no bones
no mental interference

just light

the light you long to share
the light you long to wear

the essence of who you are
the essence of what the world sees

it is all before your eyes
it is all around you
inside and out

because the water washed the rest away

See it ................Feel it
Believe it ...........Love it
Live it.

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