Saturday, May 12, 2012


Mother’s look down from heaven …with eyes shining kindness and hearts filled with unconditional love. Mothers in heaven know….they know all of the times we were too proud to say we were wrong…they know all the “I’m sorry”s we never said. They know all the times, deep in our hearts, when we whispered ‘I love you’


Mothers in heaven know our deepest fears and our highest hopes. They know we call for them when we are afraid no matter how old we are. They forgive all things, accept all things, and understand all things.

Mothers in heaven are surrounded by women from all time; their mothers, their grandmothers …women who have lived lives they could only imagine…past, present and future. Wisdom abounds!

There is no need to feel that you have left something unspoken…no need to feel there was a final hug, apology, or ‘I love you’ that was missed. Mothers are there…forever…sharing the knowledge that unconditional love and forgiveness flows up and down generations long after a final breath has been taken. Take comfort in this.

Take a moment each day to send love to your mothers.

In your own way.

As best you can.

It is never too late…

…and if you cannot,

trust that they understand

and love you none-the-less

because they do….they always do ….

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