Sunday, June 24, 2012

There are no Gaps in Love

At a memorial ceremony earlier today ...a woman came up to me and said that she felt ashamed....that she had not done enough before, or after, her relatives death. 

I replied that 'there are no gaps in love'.

I thought about that all the way home.  I too had been feeling that I had not been enough, or done enough, before or after.  I had explained to the woman that she was there during an emergency when she was needed the most...that without thought, she responded to a call for help from her family.  I reminded her that loved ones often lose touch over vast amounts of time...distance...differences.  The love that connects us to one another never dies.  When needed, that bond helps us to return to where we are needed most.  Afterwards, life silently takes us back...back to the day-to-day routines, to the center of where we are supposed to then be.

There are no gaps in love. 

There is no reason for shame; only for joy in the times shared, the memories made, the paths crossed.  Love exists outside of the world that captures our immediate attention each minute.  Love can end up looking like threads in a spider web, with all it's twists and turns and connections!  Love lasts longer than life; is stronger than we think; makes us whole in ways we never imagined.

Do not shrink from love - accept and extend it.  Do not feel shame in not having loved enough...a little goes a long way.  Do not fear that unspoken love is not felt, or is part of the air we breathe...part of the life we live...invisibly ever present.

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